Refurbished Equipment

ABCO 15HP – 150 psig Steam Skid-Mounted Boiler

Equipment #B110

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ABCO steam boiler, 150 psig design, 3-Pass Dryback, skid mounted packaged fire tube boiler, is set to burn natural gas, manufactured in 1980. This stand-alone boiler includes the following components:

  • Powerflame burner
  • Low-Water Cutoff
  • Water Column and sight glass
  • Safety Valves
  • Blowdown valves
  • Steam Non-Return valve (loose)
  • Stack (Loose)

Fuel Consumption

Natural Gas:

#2 Oil:

Connection Sizes

HW Supply and Return:

Main Steam:

Natural Gas:

#2 Oil Supply & Return:


Bottom Blowdown:

Continuous Blowdown:

Chemical Feed:

Flue Outlet Diameter:

Electical Power Service Requirements

208 VAC, 3 ph 60 hz

Dimensions & Weights

Length / Width / Height:

Shipping Weight:

Operating Weight: