Commercial AC Repair: Considerations Before Calling

As a business owner or facility manager, you realize the importance of taking care of your commercial AC system. Downtime means an uncomfortable environment and unhappy employees, customers, or tenants. Commercial AC repair can be complex and expensive, which is why we are breaking down some common issues and answering frequently asked questions.

Common Commercial AC Issues and Solutions

Performing maintenance on a rooftop unit.Commercial AC units can experience a variety of issues that can affect their performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. Here are some of the most common commercial AC issues and solutions:

1. Refrigerant Leaks: Refrigerant leaks can cause your commercial AC system to lose its cooling power and become less efficient. Leaks can be caused by a variety of factors, including normal wear and tear, corrosion, or physical damage to the system. The solution for refrigerant leaks is to have the system inspected by a professional HVAC technician. They will be able locate the source of the leak and repair it. Regular maintenance can also help prevent refrigerant leaks by ensuring that the system is properly charged and functioning at its optimal level.

2. Compressor Problems: The compressor is the heart of your commercial AC system, and when it fails, the entire system can be affected. Common compressor problems include overheating, motor failure, and electrical issues. The solution for compressor problems depends on the severity of the issue. In some cases, a simple repair or replacement of a faulty part may be enough to restore the compressor’s functionality. In other cases, a full replacement of the compressor may be necessary.

3. Faulty Thermostats: Faulty thermostats can result in inconsistent temperatures, higher energy bills, and unnecessary wear and tear on the system. The solution for faulty thermostats in some cases, is a simple adjustment or replacement of the thermostat. In other cases it can be much more complex

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial AC Repair

· How long do commercial AC units last?Repairing A York AC Unit

  • Commercial AC units can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance and regular repairs. However, the lifespan of a commercial AC unit can vary based on factors such as the brand, model, and frequency of use.

· What is the most expensive repair to AC unit?

  • Replacing the compressor is often the most expensive repair for a commercial AC unit. Compressors can cost thousands of dollars to replace, making it important to invest in regular maintenance.

· Why is my commercial AC unit not blowing cold air?

  • Low refrigerant levels, a dirty air filter, or a faulty compressor are common culprits. It is important to have a professional diagnose and repair the issue to prevent further damage to your unit when this is the problem.

· How often should commercial HVAC be serviced?

  • Commercial HVAC systems should be serviced at least once per year. However, some systems may require more frequent maintenance depending on usage and other factors.

· What is the typical commercial HVAC warranty?

  • The typical commercial HVAC warranty can vary depending on the brand and model. For example, some Trane commercial HVAC units come with a 10-year limited warranty on the compressor. Some Lennox units on the other hand offer a 10-year limited warranty on parts.

When Should I Replace My Commercial HVAC System?

Performing Services on a commercial chiller system

Even with regular maintenance and timely repairs, all commercial HVAC systems have a finite lifespan. Knowing when to replace your system is important to avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Here are some signs that it’s time to consider replacing your commercial HVAC system:

  • Age: If your HVAC system is over 15 years old, it may be time to start thinking about a replacement. Most systems last around 10-15 years, so if yours is approaching this age range, it may be more cost-effective to invest in a new system rather than continuing to pay for repairs.
  • Frequent breakdowns: If you find yourself calling for repairs on a regular basis, it may be a sign that your system is on its last leg. Frequent breakdowns can indicate that your system is struggling to keep up with demand. It also may mean that there are additional underlying issues.
  • Rising energy bills: As HVAC systems age, they become less energy-efficient, which can result in higher energy bills. If you notice a steady increase in your energy bills, it may be time to consider a more energy-efficient replacement.

When it comes to choosing a replacement HVAC system, there are many options available. Consider top brands like Lennox, Trane, Carrier, Daikin, Ruud, York, Rheem, and Goodman. Also consider factors like size, efficiency, and features to find the best fit for your business’s needs.

Understanding Commercial AC UnitsTroubleshooting a Rooftop Unit

Commercial AC units are complex systems designed to cool and dehumidify large indoor spaces. They operate similarly to residential AC units but are typically larger and more powerful, with the ability to cool entire buildings. Here are some technical details about commercial AC units:

1. How They Work – Commercial AC units use a refrigeration cycle to cool indoor spaces. The refrigeration cycle involves the circulation of refrigerant through the system, which removes heat and humidity from the air. The cooled air is then circulated back into the indoor space.

2. Features – Commercial AC units come with a variety of features designed to improve their efficiency and functionality. These features can include variable-speed compressors, programmable thermostats, zoning systems, and air purification systems.

3. Top Brands – Some of the top brands in commercial AC units include Lennox, Trane, Carrier, Daikin, Ruud, York, Rheem, and Goodman. Each brand offers unique features and benefits, and choosing the right brand for your business will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Importance of Regular Commercial AC Maintenance And Repair

Investing in regular maintenance and timely repairs for your commercial AC unit is crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, regular maintenance and repairs can help prevent larger, more expensive issues down the line. Neglecting necessary repairs or maintenance can cause small issues to become larger and more complex over time, ultimately resulting in more significant repair costs.

Additionally, regular maintenance and repairs can improve the overall energy efficiency of your commercial AC unit. Dirty filters, faulty thermostats, and refrigerant leaks are just a few common issues that can cause your unit to work harder than necessary.

By investing in regular maintenance and repairs, you can extend the lifespan of your commercial AC unit and keep it running at optimal efficiency. Some maintenance tasks you can perform include cleaning or replacing air filters, checking refrigerant levels, inspecting ductwork for leaks, and ensuring proper airflow.


Regular maintenance and timely repairs are crucial for keeping your system running smoothly and avoiding costly issues down the line.

Investing in professional commercial AC repair services is a smart choice for business owners who want to keep their systems in top condition. Rasmussen Mechanical Services provides reliable and efficient commercial AC repair services that can help you avoid costly downtime and repairs.