Our Company’s History from 1970 to Today

Rasmussen Mechanical Services has a rich history of providing services and parts to commercial, industrial, and institutional clients throughout the central US. Our goal has always been to enhance the lives of our customers, beginning first with a single burner service technician named Erv Rasmussen.


The Journey Begins

Erven and Agnes Rasmussen begin Rasmussen Heating & Cooling.


Bruce Rasmussen Joins

Bruce Rasmussen joins the organization. He’s the driving force behind Rasmussen Mechanical Services’ journey to becoming one of the Midwest’s only contractors to offer customers all mechanical services under one contractor.


C.G. Johnson Boiler Co. Acquired

C.G. Johnson Boiler Co. joins the Rasmussen family, a step that gave our clients access to additional quality services. Since 1915, C.G. Johnson Boiler Co. provided code welding, re-tubing, refractory, and burner service for institutional and industrial companies.


BalCon Established & Services Expand

BalCon air, water balancing, and temperature control divisions are established. This provided Rasmussen Mechanical Services’ customers detailed testing, adjustments, and balancing of air and water systems within their facilities, as well as pneumatic and direct digital control system servicing. Rasmussen Mechanical Services becomes an authorized service and installation contractor for Honeywell Controls.


Western Nebraska Boiler & Burner Established

Rasmussen Heating and Air Conditioning expand with a Western Nebraska boiler and burner service division. Service technicians are dispatched throughout central parts of the state until the Kearney, Nebraska satellite office opened.


New Services, New Name

Rasmussen Heating & Air Conditioning becomes Rasmussen Mechanical Services to reflect the tremendous growth in service offerings.


R.W. Rice Acquired

R.W. Rice in Sioux City, Iowa, is acquired, adding a quality control program, ASME stamps, additional HVAC services, and Tri-Tech Sales to Rasmussen Mechanical Services. Tri-Tech Sales acted as a wholesaler of hydronic and steam equipment parts and accessories and offered combustion controls, gasketing, boiler parts, and steam and hydronic specialties.


New Site Opened

Kearney, Nebraska office opens its doors.


R.W. Rice Continues to Grow

Wilson Temperature Controls, which joined R.W. Rice in 1991, becomes the R.W. Rice HVAC division. As part of the Rasmussen Mechanical Services family, they provide our customers full-service maintenance and repair on all pneumatic and direct digital controls, as well as heating and air conditioning equipment.


New HQ Established

Council Bluffs, Iowa becomes the Rasmussen Mechanical Services’ hub.


Boiler & Burner Services Offered

Our company notices steady market share growth and furthers service offerings by developing a boiler and burner service division in Rapid City, South Dakota.


BalCon Moves

BalCon and code services relocate to a new building in Council Bluffs, Iowa.


New Service Group

A reliability solutions service group is established.


Rocky Mountain Additions

Rasmussen Mechanical Services opens a new service location in Commerce City, Colorado.


We Honor Our Founder

Erv Rasmussen is laid to rest at the age of 97.


New Locations are Added

Commerce City operations are moved to Denver, Colorado, while a new service location opens in Lincoln, Nebraska. Meanwhile, Rasmussen Mechanical Services’ establishes Industrial Air Services.


The Growth Continues

Rapid City, South Dakota location moves to Sturgis, South Dakota. Rasmussen Mechanical Services begins new business ventures, Rasmussen Manufacturing Services, LLC, and Heatmizer.


New Headquarters

Our Council Bluffs headquarters moves down the street to a new larger building.


Central Nebraska Growth

Kearney office moves to a new location in Gibbon, NE in response to tremendous growth and as a strategic change to better serve the communities in the surrounding areas.


Our Denver Office Grows Into A New Building

Operations move from downtown Denver to a new location in Centennial, CO. The larger building allows for continued growth as our team takes a larger foothold in the Colorado market.