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We are proud to be the preferred mechanical service company. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best solutions available, focusing our attention on safety, responsivity, quality, innovation and cost-efficiency.

In order for us to maintain this reputation, we need a team of experts who hold the same values and priorities. If you’re looking for a job that challenges your skills and grows your knowledge, Rasmussen Mechanical Services is the company for you. Our employees are our family.

Our Values


We care about every employee, client and family that is affected by our business. We are always observant of potential risk and aware of the correct way to take action and avoid injury and harm.


You can always count on us. We know what is right and unquestionably stick to our word and behind our work, regardless of how easy or convenient it may be.


We are there when you need us. From customers to employees, we work efficiently and reliably to offer the right solution and lend support.


We are One Rasmussen. That means we are respectful of each other, supporting, relying on and learning from one another to best meet customers and employee needs.


Our passion for our company is unmatched and we take what we do seriously. We know there is a positive in every situation and are determined to find that good by celebrating successes, enjoying our colleagues and client and having fun along the way!