Our Departments

Mechanical Solutions You Can Trust

Rasmussen Mechanical Services offers a variety of mechanical solutions, including installation, maintenance, and repair services. To best serve our growing customer base and the technologies that drive their success, we focus on developing relationship-driven solutions and expanding our qualifications and expertise. Your satisfaction is what drives us. We’ll work with you to bring quality mechanical services to your facility.

Burner Services

For decades, our Industrial Burner Services Division has provided burner services for industrial, institutional, and commercial heating and process equipment. We employ factory trained and authorized service technicians for everything from boiler startup and commissioning to combustion tune-up or service needs.

Boiler Repair

We provide support in all areas of boiler and pressure vessel maintenance and repair. We’re always on call and keep an array of boiler tubes and refractory in stock to make unplanned repairs promptly and get your boiler up and running quickly. We don’t just repair your boiler or pressure vessel; we address the root cause to prevent future outages or maintenance expenses.

HVAC Services

Our customer-centered HVAC Services are focused on simplicity for the client, cost savings, and reliability. Our factory-trained service professionals and support staff have decades of experience providing customized preventative, predictive, and proactive solutions to HVAC maintenance, installation, and repairs.

Industrial Air Services

Saving you money and delivering reliability is at the center of all we do. Compressed air is expensive yet critical to your facility. RMS performs comprehensive surveys of your industrial or commercial compressed air systems, as well as provides top-rate technology for high performance, reliable, and efficient industrial air services.

Mechanical Construction

Our Mechanical Construction Division is trained and experienced in the latest techniques and technologies so that you can confidently complete your next mechanical construction project. We have decades of experience in everything from ground-up mechanical engineering designs, equipment sales and installation, and even 3D scanning and modeling.

Reliability Solutions

Reliability isn’t just one of our fundamental values. Through Rasmussen’s Reliability Solutions, we provide custom condition-based maintenance strategies with predictive, diagnostic, and scheduled maintenance practices. With our team behind you, your facility will avoid costly downtime and find problems early when they’re easier and less expensive to address.

Air & Water Balancing

Rasmussen Mechanical Services’ Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Service, BalCon, minimizes system operating costs by establishing proper environmental systems operation. Armed with the latest knowledge in commercial facility standards and requirements, we provide a reduction in energy consumption, increase asset reliability, and improve occupant comfort. We are a NEBB certified TAB firm.

Lab Safety

BalCon, Rasmussen Mechanical Services’ Lab Safety Service, has over 15 years of experience in ensuring the safety of laboratory workers, equipment, and environments. We are a leader in comprehensive testing and build custom programs for each lab so that you receive the perfect fit with worry-free certification, warranty, and on-site repairs.

Temperature Controls

Rasmussen Mechanical Services’ Temperature Control Service provides our customers with innovative solutions in automated building management. We take a consultative approach to building automation into your facility’s ever-changing demands.