HVAC Myths: How Pop Culture Gets HVACs Wrong [Infographic]

Grab your popcorn and cola; we’re highlighting six movies with HVAC system scenes that don’t quite add up in real life. While the rush of suspense and romance can pull you in, there are quite a few HVAC myths portrayed that aren’t exactly accurate. Here are six ways Hollywood missed the mark when it comes to the accuracy of the system. Take a look:

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Jurassic Park

Do you remember the scene where the Velociraptor chases the Jurassic Park team into the air ducts? We see a quick shot of the dreaded flex duct that is sure to slow down the Jurassic Park team as they try to escape through the ceiling tiles. There are actually several yards of it shown in what appears to be an attempt to get makeup air to the T.rex omelet bar. If only Hammond knew that the pressure drop from the yards of flex duct would make air balancing more difficult in the end.

Mission Impossible

Nothing is impossible for Tom Cruise, except maybe for the accuracy of the HVAC myths. Who can forget those exciting stunts?! One stunt that we’re calling out is his repel from the ductwork in the vault.  Repelling from an air duct at high speed, with two full-grown men, would’ve caused the duct to compress or collapse. Not to mention, those air ducts were spotless, which would never be the case unless they were brand new.

Father of the Bride 2

Everybody loves the hilarious Steve Martin and watching him try to please two pregnant women with the AC couldn’t be funnier. But with today’s air conditioning technology, this scene could have been avoided. With a split system (also known as ductless air conditioning) there is always a perfect temperature for everyone. The system can cool one room and heat another to ensure everyone is comfortable, even expectant mothers.

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Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore is hands down one of the best CLASSICS from the ’90s. While the entirety of the movie requires a level of imagination, we can’t help but laugh at the poor senior who had the A/C window unit dropped on her. Happy gave the unit a bump, and out the window, it went. The reason this scene is unrealistic is that it’s extremely tough to unmount a correctly installed window unit.

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Die Hard

One of the most iconic Hollywood HVAC systems scenes takes place when John McClane, played by Bruce Willis, hops into a rooftop air-handling unit in Die Hard (1988). By some miracle, the ducting happily supports his couple hundred pounds of body weight without so much as bowing. In reality, these would likely bend, or even fall out of the ceiling with that much weight applied.



Harry Tuttle is the hero we aim to be. He makes HVAC repair look incredibly heroic and action-packed. Robert De Niro is a renegade heating expert on a mission to repair heating and cooling systems against the wishes of the government’s Central Services. However, the state of the ducts in this film is horrendous, and no decent HVAC expert would ever leave a system in such a mess.


When Hollywood actually (well, kind of) got it right. Everyone fell in love with the Mall Cop hero, Paul Blart. His scene takes place when he’s in the store and crawling through the air vent. With plenty of movement and shaking of the suspended air vent, it gives out and comes crashing down with Paul Blart sliding out of it.

Don’t be fooled by the HVAC myths movies portray. Let our experts help you understand and repair your HVAC system, so you can avoid any major mishaps and continue to enjoy watching these classics in comfort. Contact our team today!

Pop Culture HVAC Mishaps

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