Your Boiler Inspection Is Coming Up!

Are you going to pass?

Ensure your boiler is up to code by having Rasmussen Mechanical Services inspect and repair any issues before your next boiler inspection.

Use this opportunity to be safe and save. RMS’ inspection program ensures your boilers are safely operating by identifying early signs of failure in boiler safety devices and fuel trains. We provide added value by providing burner combustion tuning to increase your boiler’s efficiency.

To request service, fill out the form or call 1-800-237-3141

Our team provides:

  • Boiler tube replacement and repair
  • Partial or complete water leg and staybolt replacement
  • Tubesheet/furnace repair or replacement
  • Shell, drum and header repair
  • Vessel nozzles and openings installation/replacement
  • ASME pressure vessel and power piping fabrication
  • Refractory repair/replacement
  • Non-destructive examination and integrity analysis
  • Heat exchanger, economizer, chiller and non-fired vessel repair/replacement
  • Annual inspection assistance
  • Section I, IV or VIII Alterations

Don’t panic, Rasmussen Mechanical Services is here to get you back up to code as quickly as possible. To expedite the process, get in contact with us right away by filling out the form or by calling 1-800-237-3141.

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