GPRE Central City


System Upgrades


Central City, Nebraska

More Information

  • 3D Scanning
  • Burner Services
  • Design Build
  • Mechanical Construction

Project Details

To reduce the load on the existing boiler and to increase its efficiencies, a second boiler was proposed for GPRE Central City.

To accomplish this, Rasmussen Mechanical Services needed to redesign the entire boiler room because of limited space. The final design maximized space, efficiency, and promoted a swift construction schedule.

The installation was completed during a shutdown period. With the use of a 3d scanner, RMS was able to identify piping components to be prefabricated to help expedite the construction process. The accuracy of the scanner reduced field modifications significantly.

  • 0 Injuries.
  • Successful integration of new boiler and existing system.
  • No-traditional stack layout.
  • Critical task communication was essential in avoiding costly delays.
  • Deliveries of major equipment and materials were made early or on-time.
  • RMS retrofitted all of the burner controls and mechanical system design to accommodate used boiler configurations.
  • Project completed on time.