JBS Swift


Increase Steam Supply


Marshalltown, Iowa

More Information

  • 3D Scanning
  • Burner Services
  • Design Build
  • Mechanical Construction

Project Details

The JBS Swift processing plant was experiencing difficulty meeting production and efficiency demands. The solution was to install a new 70,000 pph water-tube boiler with Limpsfield Burner System.

To complete the renovation, Rasmussen Mechanical Services had to figure out how to install a boiler that was larger than the space available. Working with third-party engineers and equipment manufacturers, RMS was able to install the large boiler through an unconventional reverse installation process.

The project was a success and now the plant is able to meet their increased demand with increased efficiencies.

  • 0 injuries.
  • Asbestos coordination and abatement.
  • Boiler was set and assembled with a reverse sequence due to room constraints.
  • Elevated work involved hoisting and rigging.