Plumrose USA


New Facility


Council Bluffs, Iowa

More Information

  • Design Build
  • HVAC
  • Mechanical Construction
  • Temperature Controls

Project Details

Rasmussen Mechanical Services was the Mechanical Prime Contractor for Plumrose USA’s Council Bluffs Location. The LEED® Silver production plant was constructed in 2012. The facility is sustainable in both building and operation functions. In fact, it achieves an 80% reduction in the amount of water it uses every week, thanks to its combination of water filtration and UV lighting systems.

We were responsible for furnishing and installing the Mechanical and Plumbing Project Requirements. The major components included the boiler/mechanical rooms, process, steam, hot water piping, and HVAC equipment; air handlers, chillers, energy recovery units, mini-splits, and roof-top units.

  • LEED® Silver Building Certification.
  • Orbital welds for sanity chemical lines.
  • Exhaust energy recovery.
  • 6 months duration.
  • Incident free.
  • Current Mechanical Service Provider for site.
  • Five (5) years since project completion