Boiler Efficiency Tips and Tricks: What Do You Need to Know to Save Money?

From powering machinery to heating the facility, your boiler system is critical to your business. But this piece of equipment can also rack up energy costs quickly if not maintained properly. Do you have the right procedures in place to ensure your boiler runs efficiently while saving your facility money?

Check out our top three boiler efficiency tips and tricks:

Boiler Efficiency Tip #1: Selection & Installation

When selecting and installing a new boiler, there are many factors to consider.

  1. Size Is Key. First and foremost is the boiler size required for your facility. When dealing with boilers, bigger is not always better. If it’s larger than needed, a significant production of heat will vanish, and your utility bills will cost you. To counteract this and keep operations efficient, determine the appropriate size needed at your facility for all boiler-related activities.
  2. Proper Ventilation.  For the safety of your facility’s workers and the efficiency of your equipment, ensure your facility has proper ventilation setup for your boiler during installation. As each system will require different venting needs, we recommend following the instructions laid out in your installation & operations manual.
  3. System Piping. As for the boiler’s piping, refer back to your installation & operation manual. Some newer models of boilers do not require primary and secondary piping, but this added precaution is recommended – especially for high-production facilities.
  4. Zone Control Systems. The perfect time to look into zone control systems is when installing a new boiler. Zone controls allow boiler systems to produce only the heat needed for each zone’s demand. When your boiler is not firing on all cylinders, you’ll see a more efficient operation.

By considering these items when installing a boiler, your equipment will run more efficiently and produce less waste.

Have questions about boiler installation? Reach out to the experts at Rasmussen Mechanical Services to chat about boiler best practices.

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Boiler Efficiency Tip #2: Maintenance Must-Haves

The National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors notes that poor maintenance practices cause most boiler incidents – including those which result in injuries and property damage. That is why performing routine maintenance is so crucial. Implement a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual boiler maintenance plan to ensure your boiler receives proper care and upkeep. Don’t forget to add your manufacturer’s recommended care practices to the list below.


  • Check the water level glass gauge
  • Record the pressure gauge & temperature gauges
  • Check LWCO & ALWCO operation
  • Observe the operating control & high limit control
  • Download the full checklist for more


  • Check all linkages on burner controls and automatic draft controllers
  • Check the air damper on the burner
  • Check the valve operation in the gas train
  • Download the full checklist for more


  • Test the limit controls on the boiler
  • Test the flame detection controls
  • Check the blowdown for sludging at the bottom of the boiler
  • Verify the blowdown separator and cooler operation
  • Download the full checklist for more


  • Disassemble and check the LWCO and ALWCO for sludge, corrosion, or electrical switch defects
  • Verify and tune-up burners and settings
  • Hydro test the boiler for leaks (tube joints and piping)
  • Download the full checklist for more

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Boiler Efficiency Tip #3: Follow Boiler Trends

Stay up to date on current boiler trends to hit maximum efficiency. Currently, in the industry, ongoing trends include engaging flow rates and variable systems.

Flow rates are a hot topic for boilers right now. If the rate doesn’t match the required input, the system may behave erratically. To prevent potential harm to the heat exchange, check if the flow rates match the required input.

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As mentioned previously, zone control systems are also an uprising trend. Because these variable systems limit heat production to only what is needed, they have remarkable operating efficiency. For this reason, they are most prevalent during new installs and boiler renovations.

At Rasmussen Mechanical Services, we know a boiler can make or break your operation’s budget. By ensuring proper installation, following routine maintenance procedures, and keeping up on trends, your boiler will perform at its most efficient level. Want to set your boiler up for long term success? Chat with our expert technicians for more boiler tips and tricks.