Emergency Boiler Rentals

When the unexpected happens do you know what to look for in an emergency boiler rental?

Installed emergency rental boiler for a food processing plantThe 4 Questions To Ask When Getting an Emergency Boiler Rental

1. Delivery Time: How fast can the unit be delivered?

2. Are installation and start up services provided?

3. Is the equipment you are getting updated and reliable?

4. Does the company providing the boiler have knowledgeable support staff?

Call 24/7 To Get An Emergency Boiler Rental: 1-800-237-3141

Our Emergency Rental DepartmentRasmussen 1000 HP Johnson Rental Boiler with Webster Burner

Unexpected shutdowns, facility expansions, boiler annual inspections or scheduled maintenance won’t hold you back. Our 24- hour emergency rental service means our collection of boilers, chillers, deaerators, tanks, pumps, and softeners are available when you need them. From delivery, to start-up, to turnkey installation and training, we do it.

We maintain a large inventory of industrial and commercial boilers. We have been providing boiler rentals and sales for over 50 years. Our stock includes various sizes and manufacturers to ensure our rental customers receive the equipment they need to keep moving forward. We offer:

  • Mobile Boiler Room Rentals
  • Trailer Mounted Boiler Rentals
  • Emergency Boiler Rentals
  • Skid Mounted Boiler Rentals
  • Superheated Boiler Rentals

Looking for auxiliary equipment? We have that too. Deaerators, water softeners, economizers and more. We offer powerful state-of-the-art boiler technology and all of our boilers meet ASME guidelines. Whether you’re looking for a temporary boiler or a permanent boiler system our customer service team can help.

Call 24/7 To Get An Emergency Boiler Rental:


WHY RASMECH RENTALS?Hurst 600 HP Rental Boiler

Our boiler rentals ship to anywhere in the continental United States. Our solutions include installation, start-up, maintenance, and 24-hour emergency services. All of our technicians are OSHA certified, we maintain our rental fleet all year round. We have a number of boiler rental options that range from small to large process capacities:

  • Skid mounted boilers
  • Portable boiler rooms
  • Trailer mounted boilers
  • Boiler auxiliary equipment

Browse our rentals for details on all of the boilers we offer.