Contingency Plan: Are You Ready for a Boiler or Air Compressor System Failure?

How prepared are you for a system failure? What are you doing to ensure when disaster strikes you’re ready? Do you have a plan in place for when problems occur? Most people like to think they are well prepared, but don’t realize there are steps to take in order to ensure downtime is limited.

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Here’s the Worst-Case Scenario

Your team is in the middle of a long work week; everything is running as smoothly as can be when you and your crew take off for the night. When you arrive to work the next day, a key piece of equipment has failed and your operations are down. You’re looking at a major loss in revenue for, potentially, the next couple of weeks until repairs can be made. 

There’s the worst of the worst, but what about the companies that think they have a plan? Well, they usually have a company on-call with rental equipment to come in and save the day. What they don’t know is that rental equipment still takes a little bit of finessing before it’s up and running. Sometimes, this involves running hundreds of feet of piping. As a result, this can eat up valuable operation time. There are faster options!

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How RasMech is Going to Help

What most facilities need is a contingency plan for when the worst-case scenario becomes a reality. Having a plan in place before something goes wrong is what’s going to save your company money and keep the facility up and operational.

Rasmussen Mechanical Services has a time-saving tip for when things go sideways. Before a disaster hits, RasMech will set up contingency piping. With contingency piping in place, we can have your rental set up faster and more efficiently.

For Boilers:

So, what does the process look like? We hard pipe:

  • One line for Steam
  • One line for Natural Gas
  • One for Feed Water
  • One for Blow Down

All of these pipes come from the boiler room to an area where we can quickly hook up our rental boiler. This allows us to park the rental boiler, hook it up to the pre-ran piping during an emergency, and ensure everything works accordingly. Our process can take downtime from a week down to as little as two days in some cases. It’s a no brainer to have this set up before something goes wrong.

For Air Compressors:

When it comes to air compressors, there are two significant benefits to contingency piping. Not only can it help you get by in an emergency, but it can also help us service your equipment for less.

So, what does the process look like? It’s as easy as adding a tap that allows us to hook up a portable unit.

In an emergency, we can hook up to the tap with a portable diesel air compressor for short periods or a portable electric air compressor for more extended periods. This saves valuable production time and can get your operations back online fast.

In non-emergency situations, like servicing the unit, the tap allows us to hook up a portable unit and bypass your air compressor. We can do this all while keeping your operations online, which means we can complete service during regular business hours. This is much less expensive than paying overtime to service the units after hours and prevents you from making the costly mistake of skipping service because the units can’t be down.

To ensure we have your system up and running as fast as possible, let your RasMech team help you create a tailored plan to ensure you are ready when disaster strikes.

Do you still have questions about Contingency Piping? Feel free to reach out and pick our brains on how it can work for you! Give us a call at 1-800-237-3141.

Download the infographic here: (PDF)-RMS-Boiler-Contingency-Infographic 

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This post was originally published on October 22, 2019. It was updated on October 23, 2019.