Why Should Your Company Rent a Boiler?

Boilers are an important appliance for any company, but is it better to rent a boiler or purchase one of your own? Is one option safer than the other?

While the decision ultimately rests in your hands, Rasmussen Mechanical Services can help provide more information to educate your choice. Our experienced team know all about proper boiler maintenance and has encountered a variety of issues regarding boiler disruptions and repairs. Such experience in the field of boiler operation and repair has given us insights to suggest the reasons why your company should look to rent a boiler.

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Navigate through Emergencies

Boilers are a giant part of your process and provide the necessary heat to your buildings or processes. These systems can be finicky and unexpected malfunctions or operating upsets can lead to dangerous malfunctions. When emergencies strike, be prepared with a rental boiler. Rental boilers are typically in stock and can be hooked up in a matter of hours or days while repairs are performed on your existing equipment. Help is there when you need it.

[Do you have a boiler emergency that needs to be dealt with? Download our Boiler Maintenance Checklists and Logs to ensure your boiler is running efficiently.]

If boiler outages are especially costly to your plant or facility, downtime can be greatly reduced if your facility has made contingency preparations. By installing fuel, feedwater, blowdown, and steam connections into your system, a temporary boiler can be brought online before your existing boiler is shut down allowing a zero outage repair.  We can install these contingency connections during a regularly scheduled outage. Contact us for more information.

Flexible Terms

Purchasing a boiler is a huge commitment. By renting a boiler, your business has more wiggle room. If the boiler no longer suits your needs, send it back and rent a smaller or larger one. While building or purchasing a boiler can require an increased level of effort, renting is simple. Determine if you want to have a short-term or long-term lease or if you want to rent, lease-purchase or finance the boiler. Find terms that work for your company. Renting allows for the breathing room your company needs to stay up-to-date. Many customers rent a boiler while they design and build a boiler room that is just right for their needs so that they can take their time with construction and get the right equipment instead of the fastest equipment.

Boiler system

Convenient & Simple Repairs

Boilers require regular maintenance. In the case of an unexpected malfunction, a qualified team is ready to provide assistance, boiler repairs, and replacements. Most rental boilers are ready to be shipped and installed when needed. By renting a boiler, you save your company a great deal of stress in boiler repairs. Rent a boiler as your short-term solution and get your units repaired right and back to optimal working condition.

Capital Expense Alternative

Finding capital to use for a new boiler and/or boiler room can take some time to gather. If your budget doesn’t allow for one of those options, consider renting. By renting a boiler for a short period of time, you give yourself the flexibility and time to find the necessary funds and choose the right equipment.

High Demand

Finding yourself in peak demand? Don’t overfire your boilers or slow down production. Instead, rent a supplementary unit to get through your period of high demand. This keeps your process running smoothly and helps prevent damage from occurring.

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Explore other alternatives with Rasmussen Mechanical Services to find the right boiler solution for your company. Rent from our fleet of industrial equipment, while repairs and installations are underway. Take advantage of our 24-hour emergency service so that you never have to wait for a solution. Want to learn more about boiler maintenance? Click here for everything you need to know!