Hearthside Food Solutions


Rooftop Unit Installation


North Sioux City, SD

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These custom units were meticulously tailored to cater to the specific demands of one of the rooms at Hearthside, a pinnacle of innovation in the realm of processing plants. This exclusive room, known as the Thin Mint haven, represents an extraordinary endeavor to achieve a unique olfactory experience—the sweet allure of Girl Scout Thin Mints.

In pursuit of crafting and packaging the quintessential Thin Mint, precise environmental conditions must be upheld: a steadfast 65°F, coupled with a stringent upper limit of 45% relative humidity. To uphold this paramount standard, the solution called for the installation of two exceptionally crafted 25 Ton units, bespoke creations by Trane. Distinguished by their inclusion of hot-gas reheat and a desiccant wheel for unwavering humidity control throughout the year, these units boast a remarkable weight of approximately 4,300 lbs.

The complexity of positioning these units was magnified by their strategic location within the building. To circumnavigate this challenge, a meticulously planned orchestration was executed. The units were landed with surgical precision on a custom plywood ‘landing pad’ within the building’s interior using a crane, subsequently requiring an orchestrated manual effort to transport the units over an expansive 100-yard distance and surmount a roof expansion joint. The fruition of this arduous task was realized through the collaborative prowess of our dedicated team members, notably Joe Clarey, Kevin Crippen, and Kasey Mitchell. Moreover, we extend our profound gratitude to our esteemed partners at Barnhart Crane, whose invaluable support was integral to the success of this ambitious endeavor.