The Maschhoffs


Boiler Install & Burner Replacement


Gothenburg, Nebraska

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Project Details

The Maschhoffs were tired of continually fighting with the efficiency and refractory issues on their old 150 HP boiler. To make matters worse, they needed to significantly increase steam production for their new mill. The Maschhoffs focused on efficiency, lower operating costs and lower emissions. They selected a new 300 HP Mohawk 4 pass Superior Boiler from Rasmussen Mechanical Services with a highly efficient Limpsfield burner, Autoflame combustion controls with TDS control and a Heatmizer Condensing economizer. Rasmussen Mechanical Services rounded out the new boiler room with water softeners, a larger feed tank, redundant feed pumps for reliability and a new steam header for efficient, dry steam to their mills.

Rasmussen Mechanical Services cleaned and performed a ‘boil-out’ on the new boiler package, followed by tuning the Limpsfield burner for maximum efficiency.


  • A 4 pass boiler gives the boiler more heating surface to reduce stack temperatures.
  • A Heatmizer cools the stack gases and heats make-up water on its way to the feed tank, reducing steam demand at the feed tank and keeping feedwater hot.
  • A Limpsfield burner runs at an efficient 15% excess air at all firing rates, keeping gas costs down.
  • Highly accurate Autoflame controls not only keep the burner right on the money, but they also ensure the boiler is not blowing down more than necessary, wasting heat.
  • A properly sized and designed steam header is quieter and delivers dry pure steam to the process, in this case, a flaker mill.

This boiler room is designed from the ground up to reduce gas consumption and emissions.  Great job Maschhoffs!

“The boiler is working perfectly. Pass on my thanks to your group as they were great to work with and their ongoing support is second to none. Looking forward to working with your group in the future!”Bob Jorgenson, The Maschhoffs