HVAC Apprentice Program: Certification Guide

 At Rasmussen Mechanical Services we pride ourselves on offering a career working with some of the most experienced technicians in the industry. We are always searching for the best-of-the-best to join our mechanical team. Our HVAC apprentice program will give you the foundation you need to sharpen your skills and a have a successful career!

HVAC Apprentice Curriculum and Career Path

Rasmussen Mechanical Service Technicians Installing Commercial Ducting

Through our apprentice program you can continually improve your skills, all while getting paid. Starting your career as HVAC apprentice with our company means you get experience working on commercial and industrial equipment that keeps the world moving.

Our 5-year apprentice program includes an average of 332 hours of paid classroom training each year. This program helps you to progress your career through both on the job training and classroom study. The length of the apprenticeship can be reduced based on your level of experience. The basic course work for each year is listed below.

Year 1

The classes in your first year of coursework include the following:

Rasmussen Mechanical Technician working on a cooling tower

1.  Tools and Safety Class

2. Heritage Class

3. Math For Pipe Measurements

 4. Soldering and brazing

5. Oxy-fuel cutting

6. Rigging and signaling

7. An introduction to matter, liquids, hydraulics, the science required to understand the work of the pipe trades

8. OSHA training 30 hours in construction safety.

Year 2

The classes in your second year of coursework include the following:

1. Basic Refrigeration

2. Basic Electricity

3. 2nd Year Welding

4. Advanced Electricity

5. Advanced Refrigeration

Year 3

The classes in your third year of coursework include the following:

1.  Steam and Steam Systems

2. Refrigeration Volume 1

3. Hydronics and Hydraulic Systems

Performing Services on a commercial chiller system

4. CFC/ Refrigeration Volume 2

Year 4

The classes in your fourth year of coursework include the following:

1. Prometric License/ ACAD

2. Heating Equipment and Burner Operation

3. Rigging Certification and hand signal certification

4. Blueprint and ISO’s

5. Air conditioning and Reciprocating Compressors

6. Rigging and hand signaling certifications

Year 5Troubleshooting a Rooftop Unit

The classes in your fifth year of coursework include the following:


2. Chiller and Chiller Systems

3. Omaha City Licenses

4. Iowa HVAC

5. Foreman Class

HVAC Apprentice To Journeyman

Upon completion of the apprentice program you will be a Journeyman Technician. Journeyman make between $80,000 and $82,000 a year. The HVAC Journeyman will work on HVAC commercial, industrial, and institutional projects related to replacement, repair, and installations of any HVAC equipment. Additionally, the position may assist in the facilitation of any boiler, temperature controls, or other services. Because we have a broad ranging service offering, our technicians get experience working on all sorts of mechanical equipment.

From their you can continue to advance your career to become an HVAC Foreman. This position makes between $91,000 and $100,000 per year.

Why You Should Work For Rasmussen Mechanical Services

  • Council Bluffs Location

    Competitive Hourly Wage: As a Union employer, our technicians enjoy industry leading pay.

  • Exceptional Benefits: In addition to your competitive salary, we provide vacation & holiday pay as well as Union benefits. Which includes 401k match, pension plan, dental, health, vision and life insurance.  
  • Continuous Education: State-of-the-art training centers and continuous education through our apprentice program.
  • Work-Life Balance: We utilize a rotating on call schedule to ensure our team can balance work and home life.
  • Year-Round Work: As an industry leader our technicians stay busy year-round.
  • Regular Overtime Opportunities : With a large service area and thousands of customers, we regularly have the opportunity for overtime.

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