Value-Based HVAC Trends You Should Know for 2020

A new and exciting year is upon us and with that comes change. It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen in the future, but by identifying new HVAC trends, you can be better prepared. Rasmussen Mechanical Service is here to walk you through some significant value-based HVAC trends to keep an eye on during the new year.

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1. Regulations and Economic Factors

With more cities moving to ban or restrict the use of natural gas in heating equipment, alternative options for heating will become more popular. This will likely lead to an increase in the number of facilities utilizing heat pumps. In different parts of the country, such as California and Washington, regulations are shifting towards electrification and banning the use of gas altogether. It’s possible these local regulation changes will spread across the region, and eventually into other areas of the country as well.

As these regulation changes continue, facility and plant managers will seek cost-effective solutions that improve the overall quality of their HVAC system. The economy will play a significant role in what facilities decide to do with their HVAC systems. With a strong economy, facility owners will have better means to replace old units with new, high-end systems that focus on efficiency and eco-friendly features. While there may be a more significant price tag on high-end HVAC units, long-term costs will decrease thanks to improved efficiency.

It can be a challenge to know what kind of equipment you should consider to meet regulatory changes and better prepare your facility for the future. That’s where choosing the right HVAC contractor can help.

The right HVAC contractor will provide you with a variety of solutions to support your facility’s operations, while also ensuring you remain in compliance with any new regulations or policy changes.

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2. Forward Thinking

When purchasing equipment, facility owners seek systems with improved comfort, air quality, and efficiency. It’s also becoming more and more important to consider the environmental regulations on equipment. As EPA regulations continue changing in favor of increased environmental protection, it’s important to think ahead to ensure the systems not only meet these standards but also account for future changes.

As you make the decision to change or alter your system this year, it’s important to consider how this will affect all aspects of your system. For example; before altering any system, it’s important to consider that proper ductwork is in place to support the new equipment. Without adequate ductwork in place, your system could be doomed to fail. Not only will your facility not see the comfort and efficiency promised by the high-end products, but this ultimately results in you not getting your money’s worth.

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3. Connectivity is Key

Lastly, a quickly growing trend among high-end HVACs is connectivity. Enhanced connectivity adds a level of freedom and authority to control the temperature within a building, no matter where you might be. As a facility leader, you want remote connectivity to be able to monitor and adjust temperatures when needed and to avoid unforeseen issues.

WiFi-enabled thermostats and sensors are becoming increasingly popular to control indoor temperature, humidity levels, and airflow. More than ever, the software used to control each HVAC component will become more versatile and robust to communicate with computers, laptops, phones, and tablets.

HVAC software will continue to progress and improve on detecting problems and finding reasons for system malfunctions. It is likely that moving forward, HVAC technology will gain the ability to self-diagnose potential problems accurately and list solutions to those problems.

These are all undoubtedly good trends to keep an eye out for, and there will most certainly be more throughout the year. Stay tuned to RasMech’s blog to stay up to date on the latest mechanical trends.

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