Boiler Repairs


Schuyler, Nebraska

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Project Details

For Cargill’s boiler repairs, Rasmussen Mechanical Services removed all of the existing tubes and rear tube sheet from the boiler. The burner and refractory were also removed.

For an increase in efficiency, rifled (XID) tubes were installed mechanically and sealed by welds. A new burner cone and block refractory were installed.

Upon completion of the boiler repairs, the unit was boiled out and the burner was tuned for efficiency and proper operation.

  • Successfully removed and replaced 484 2.5″ OD boiler tubes.
  • Performed a rear tube sheet repair that was 3/4″ thick and 130″ in diameter.
  • Tube sheet welds passed ultrasonic weld tests by a third party inspection company.
  • Boiler repaires meet all NBIC, ASME and State Boiler Requirements.