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The Rooftop Unit Experts 

For over 50 years we have been installing, maintaining and refurbishing rooftop units across the Midwestern United States. With 7 locations, and over 200 employees, Rasmussen Mechanical has wide-ranging expertise in commercial and industrial RTUs. Our Rooftop Unit solutions include:

-Equipment Sizing and New Installation

-Refurbishment, Retrofits and Repair

– Inspection and Compliance Testing

– Process Piping And Pump Sizing

– Maintenance Agreements 

– Parts and Filters

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Our heating and cooling professionals are factory-trained experts who understand the intricacies of engineering and service work. Our HVAC Services division can provide timely and professional guidance both to you and your company. With a commercial and industrial department, their is no job too big or too small for our team.

  • 24/7 Emergency Services Available and Technical Support
  • Industrial and Commercial Maintenance Programs
  • Expert Service, Repair and Retrofits
  • Ground Up Design and Installation
  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Over 10,000 Parts In Stock
  • Reliable Communication
  • Full System Audits

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Rooftop Unit Maintenance

By regularly maintaining your RTU you can extend the life of your equipment and reduce energy use.  Proper rooftop unit maintenance also ensures your system effectively regulate air quality, temperature and humidity in your facility.  With over 50 years in business we have worked at locations ranging from government buildings and manufacturing plants to mining companies and medical facilities. Some common rooftop unit maintenance tasks include:

◉ Examine and tighten all electrical components and record operating amps

◉ Examine control set points, air dampers, contactors, refrigerant charge 

◉ Clean coils, drain pan,  fans, housings and change filters and belts

◉ Lubricate motor bearings and fan bearings 

◉ Check temperature split across coil

◉ Inspect damper linkages

◉ Examine all safety controls

◉ Inspect economizer

Pully system

The Rasmussen Mechanical Difference 

At Rasmussen Mechanical we committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. We strive to build a lasting partnership with you and your company. As a one stop shop for all of your mechanical equipment needs we can ensure all components of your facility are operating efficiently and safely.

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Rooftop Unit Installation

Let the experts at Rasmussen Mechanical help with your Rooftop Unit replacement. We can perform the demolition and installation of new RTU. Installation will vary depending on size and type but here are a few common installation practices:

• System Evaluation And Appropriate Rooftop Unit Selection

• Site Prep And Removal Of Existing RTU

• Place RTU Correctly On Foundation

• Install System Piping

• Perform System Start-Up

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Rooftop Unit Maintenance Checklist

Performing maintenance on your rooftop unit is important. Use these quarterly, semi-annual and annul maintenance checks to ensure your unit is in good shape. Also use our back-up parts checklist to ensure you are ready should a component fail.