Renting commercial air compressors has become a regular business. With annual sales of $855 million, the North American air compressor rental industry is forecasted to grow annually at a rate of 3.4%. There are many factors in the increase in industrial air compressor rentals. If your company needs an air compressor, it might be smart not to saturate your capital expenses with a full purchase of one. This is one of the reasons why companies are seriously considering renting more often. Money, productivity, demand, and equipment upkeep all can influence company decisions.

The North American air compressor rental industry sees annual sales of $855 million and is expected to grow at a rate of 3.4%. @RasMech Click To Tweet

Save on Capital Expenses

The first reason to consider renting an air compressor is simply a matter of finance. Compressors don’t exactly come off the line at a low price. This means a company would need a fair capital budget to get the equipment up and running. Renting tends to be more affordable. While renting the air compressor, companies are able to pay it out through an operating budget, allowing them to keep up with operating and uptimes. On the note of expenses, this could save on maintenance as well, since most rental agreements come with support services on these air compressors.

Personalized Productivity

Often when inheriting a compressor or purchasing a new one, they must be adapted to current systems. Because of this, renting can be a choice of convenience as well. Since the rented compressor is often a temporary device, it is easier to get more specific with system needs. Adjust the compressor to the facility’s system and if things change, rent a different one. This adaptability can additionally save costs and optimize productivity in different ways. A compressor fitted to the company’s specifications means optimal compressed air quality, exact pressure levels, and reduced waste.

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Compressed Air on Demand

Sometimes renting an air compressor is necessary for addition to the compressor currently in use. Seasonal demand can be a large variable for a company to consider. Spikes like these can be met with additional compressors that can facilitate the additional compressed air necessary to keep up with seasonal order periods. Outside of the seasonal nature of the sales cycle, it is also important to consider seasonal weather conditions. Some compressors’ performance can suffer from the natural conditions they are subjected to and the support of an additional compressor can help productivity from falling out of optimization.

Adjust the compressor to the facility's system and if things change, rent a different one. This adaptability can additionally save costs and optimize productivity in different ways. Click To Tweet

Proper Preparation

Equipment failures happen, plant outages are unpredictable, renovations are a necessity and company compressors require maintenance. Some of these things can be planned for and some cannot. But when they do happen, it is only sensible to rent a compressor to prevent declination in uptimes. Avoiding true downtime can make all the difference to a company’s bottom line. In order to shorten downtime have a rental option immediately available and adjusted to the current system. Contingency plans are just a matter of best practice.

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