Mechanical Services for Ethanol Plants

We Care For Your Ethanol Plant, Just Like It’s Ours

A properly executed ethanol plant shutdown that sticks to a budget and structured plan will significantly impact the efficiency and safety of your ethanol plant, while also setting your company up for long-term prosperity. Let Rasmussen Mechanical Services become your single source solution provider to help your ethanol plant operate more efficiently.

We provide many solutions to help you during ethanol plant shutdowns and work towards getting you back online as quickly as possible. We have experts in managing all of your:

  • Commercial Boiler–  Heat Exchanger, Refractory, and Pressure Vessel Repairs
  • Piping and New Equipment Installs – Including pumps, fans, boilers, heat exchangers, air compressors, valves, regulators, vessels, and cooling towers.
  • Burner Tune and Control Upgrades and Burner Retrofit
  • Rotating Equipment Vibration Analysis – Alignment and Balance, Infrared Thermography, Oil Sampling, Ultrasonic Leak Detection, and Steam Trap Surveys
  • Air Compressor – Oil and Filter Changes, Dryer Repair/Replacement, and Bearing Changes
  • Biological Safety Cabinet Certification

Ethanol Plant Resources

We’ve created these resources to help you budget, plan and choose the best solution provider for your ethanol plant shutdown:

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